Wimbledon Ballott 2016

To all members. I am afraid there have been a few people who have put their names up on the board for the Wimbledon ballot and for one reason or another they are not eligible. I have told the people so far individually but I have noticed that there are quite a few more on there that I am afraid we are going to unfortunately cross off this afternoon. If you see your name crossed off (I suggest everyone checks to avoid disappointment) then please see me at the club and I will be happy to explain why you cant enter. To reiterate you have to have a BTM number and with that you also need to be associated on the LTA website when you obtained your BTM number with Ivybridge Tennis Club and not another club (Avon Vale for example). If you are associated with another club on the LTA website then you can only go in that clubs ballot and not ours. You also have to of opted in. Finally, this is an LTA decision and not the clubs. If your name gets crossed off because you are not eligible and we tried to give you the tickets then the LTA would not accept your payment and issue you with the tickets. We would in fact lose them and we would lose the opportunity of letting an eligible member have them Kind Regards - Dominic.

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