Wimbledon Ballot results

To all members. Here are the results of the Wimbledon draw, I have stated where people have already accepted and I have also stated where people need to confirm back to Jen and I. I have also listed the reserves in order for each day who will be called / emailed if the winners decline. See the link below for prices. http://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/tickets/201205091336561699698.html MONDAY 29th June Centre - Mike O'Shaughnessy (TBC) Number 1 - Alice Kellet (Accepted) Reserves - Lizzie Warrander / Annie Haigh / Andy Coombes TUESDAY 30th June Number 1 - Margaret Hammett (Accepted) WEDNESDAY 1st July Centre - Grace Kellett (Accepted) THURSDAY 2nd July Court 2 - Ali Bradley (TBC) Reserves - Penny Punch / Steve Hitch FRIDAY 3rd July Court 1 - Gus Hayward (Accepted) Court 2 - Jake Freeman (TBC) Reserves - Alan Fuller / Dominic Hall / Penny Punch / Henry Warrander SATURDAY 4th July Court 3 - Kieren Kothari (Accepted) MONDAY 6th July Centre - Liz Trotman (Accepted) Number 1 - Phyl Thorpe (TBC) Reserves - Polly Bushby / Joan Marie Hunt TUESDAY 7th July Centre - Piran Rolls (TBC) Number 1 - Madeline Rolls (TBC) Number 2 - Phyl Thorpe (TBC) Reserves - Olivia Tutty / Joe Kellett / Julian Beck / Steve Cann THURSDAY 9th July Number 1 - Brian Simpson (TBC) Reserves - Dominic Hall / Penelope Watson FRIDAY 10th July Centre - Rob Middleton (Confirmed) Number 1 - Victoria Goss (TBC) Reserves - Julian Beck / Win Scutt / Jill Dickinson / Henry Warrender SUNDAY 12th July Centre - Jonathan Bushby (Accepted) Please can all the winners who have not responded let Dom and Jen know as soon as possible so that we can register your tickets on line or offer them to the reserves. We will be having a special Wimbledon event all day Sunday 12th July. We will start with a doubles tournament in the morning followed by a cold buffet lunch then the Men's final starts at 2pm. There will be a BBQ at 5pm. More details to follow. Kind Regards Dominic - djd_hall@hotmail.com 07481 106090

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