Updated Rules for Outdoor Play 31 May 20

Dear Member,

Following updated guidance from the LTA this afternoon, doubles play is now permitted. We have updated The Rules for Outdoor Play as below. We also attach todays LTA guidance to Players which we suggest you review. Coaching remains available on a 1 to 1 basis as previously announced for the time being.

Please strictly maintain social distancing rules.

Management at South Devon Tennis Centre


Rules for Outside Play during Coronavirus epidemic
Version 2 updated 31st May 2020

There are still significant restrictions to be followed to comply with government and LTA regulations and guidance. It is essential that all players fully comply with these Rules. Failure to do so could risk the Club's ability to keep the courts open.

The outdoor tennis courts will be open for play from 10am until 6pm for 7 days a week. At other times, the gates will be locked.

The Rules are as follows:
• Courts must be booked on MyCourts in advance. Do not just turn up on a speculative basis. A maximum of 1.5 hours can be booked or used by a player on any one day.
• If you have booked a court but decide not to play, you must cancel the booking as soon as possible
• Both singles and doubles may be played but follow LTA advice on social distancing in doubles.
• Members may play with Guests but Visitors fees must be paid. The member is responsible for ensuring their Guests comply with these Rules.
• Arrangements for Visitors to book and play will be published shortly.
• The building will be closed so there will be no access to toilets or changing rooms
• You will only be able to access the courts through the side gate (football field end). This gate should remain latched shut after use so you should wear gloves to open and shut the gate. You may also need gloves to access the football field from the car park.
• You should only enter the premises 5 minutes before your court booking and leave promptly after play. Keep well clear of other players as they enter or exit the courts. Do not stay and chat on the premises after play.
• Avoid touching nets, netposts, fencing or any other surface.
• You are advised to supply your own equipment and not share it with other players.
• Great care should be used in how you handle tennis balls. The LTA have given advice on this topic which you should read. You may wish to bring your own balls with initials clearly marked and then kick or push other people's balls back to them with racquet or foot.
• Avoid chasing balls onto other courts if in use.
• It is recommended that you bring and use your own hand sanitizer.

Please read the LTA Guidance to Players Version 2 issued on 31st May.

These Rules will be kept under review and will be updated as required. If you have any queries over these Rules, please make contact by email with secretary@sdtennis.co.uk.
If you need a password reset for MyCourts, please contact secretary@sdtennis.co.uk
If you are aware of anyone who wishes to join as a Family Outdoor or Junior member, please ask them to contact secretary@sdtennis.co.uk.

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