LADIES P&D Teams - update 26th Feb

Dear Team members,

The purpose of this letter is to get everyone up to date before I disappear for nearly all of March!

There appears to be enough people wanting to play to be able to enter 4 teams this year. However, numbers are based on the assumption that the change in start time from 6 to 6:30 goes through ok at the AGM. If it doesn’t, we will only enter 3 teams.

As far as captains go, Annie will look after the B team, Nicola White and Helen Widlake the C team (suggest you share the load?) and I will run the D team, assuming it runs.

At the moment nobody has come forward who is able to commit fully to running the A team, and I have yet to get much in the way of communication or indication about the availability of some of the A team players on the list.

We are only too aware of the consequences of dropping the A team - every other team has to move up and get hammered!

Hence I would ask that the A and B teams work together to make sure that we are able to run both teams successfully. There are masses of B team players, a number of whom are perfectly capable of playing in the A team.
Established A team players - please make sure that newcomers are made to feel welcome and valued!

We will stick with Monday as Home night for A and B teams, unless there’s a mass move to want an alternative, in which case I need to know by return. The C team will have Friday as Home night, the D team will have Thursday.

As before, there will be a £2 per person match fee (to pay for balls) for home matches; to be collected by captains (envelopes behind bar at club).

Anything I’ve forgotten, let me know,

Here’s hoping for a successful, rain free season!


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