Club Covid Rules

Dear Members,

Throughout these unprecedented times, the Club and staff have done their upmost to secure and maintain all safety measures and followed all Government and LTA Guidelines with regard to the safety and wellbeing of all our Club Members and visitors and will continue to do so along with remaining vigilant.

As a club we will do everything we can to remain open to the public and members, having said that, it is also every single persons individual responsibility to follow government guidelines and protect themselves and others whilst on the

Therefore, I am reminding everyone of the Covid-19 Rules.

If anyone is feeling unwell or showing signs ad symptons of Covid-19, please DO NOT enter the Club.

Please Wash Hands on entry (at the sink in the entrance hall).

Please sign in either using the QR Code (signposted at all entrances and on
the column in the lounge) or at the register on the front desk.

Please wear masks at all times, unless eating and drinking sitting at a table. As soon as you leave the table, masks must be worn.

Masks do not need to be worn whilst on court during play or coaching.

All vents on the courts are open and all entrance doors will remain open.

Fire doors can be opened whilst playing.

Hand sanitiser stations are at the entrance to the indoor courts and at the rear exit. There is also a bottle of hand sanitiser on the Reception desk for use. Members have been advised to also bring along their own sanitisers due to skin sensitivity issues.

Social distancing is still in place and the numbers of people in the lounge at one time is constantly being monitored, but it is up to individuals to also remain in their social bubbles/socially distanced.

In regards to testing, if any member is tested they should immediately self isolate whilst awaiting results. If a positive result is received and all the guidelines and rules have been followed, then the individual is given a negative result and therefore the all clear, they are welcome back to the club with no prejudice. In any cases of a positive test, discretion with regard to the medical condition of any individual person should be adhered to. If any members have any concerns about a situation they are concerned about, they should contact the Manager directly about the Clubs Covid security measures.

If anyone is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Kind regards

Sue Youens

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