SOS Your Club Needs You!

Dear Members,

Some of you may have noticed that the Club and surrounding areas need some TLC. We have the Devon Closed Champs coming up at the end of August and we need to spruce up the outside areas (and some inside) to make a good impression, alongside our very good reputation.

I am looking for volunteers to power wash, fill in some cracks, weed, paint, plant and do any odd jobs that need to be completed. Paint/brushes etc will be provided, we just need some of your time. If anyone can help, or know of anyone willing to give a bit of time, please contact me ASAP either by phone or email or come and speak to me, I’m always around apart from Tuesdays. I will even bake a cake for the volunteers to go with a cup of tea! Hope to hear from some willing volunteers soon.

Kind regards

Sue Youens
South Devon Tennis Centre

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