Mannamead Winter League.

Dear Members,
Mannamead LTC are preparing to host their Winter League this year. If you would like more information, please read the information below.

Sue Youens


1. Doubles matches will consist of 3 sets with a standard tie-break at 5-5. A point is awarded per game and an additional 5 points for winning 2 sets or more, with a maximum of 23 points. In unfinished matches, the total score awarded will reflect the number of completed games, with an additional 5 points for winning 2 sets or more, if appropriate.

2. Results and any match comments are to be recorded electronically using an online link, which will be provided, and the League tables will be updated weekly on the MLTC website. The League finishes on Friday 25th March 2022 and matches must be played by this date for points to be awarded.

3. Matches are to be played on the scheduled date or earlier by arrangement. Postponements should only be made for ‘extreme’ weather conditions but please do not assume a match will not go ahead; you must liaise with your opposition. Postponed matches should be rearranged as soon as possible using the MLTC online booking system . If a match is postponed on match day due to unavailability or if a pair fails to arrive, a 23-0 walkover may be claimed.

4. If you or your partner cannot play for any reason, a substitute of a similar standard may be used. Your opposition should be notified at least 24 hours before the match and they can either agree to the substitution or choose to rearrange. Only one substitute per pair is permissible.

5. All 6.00 p.m. matches should finish by 8.00 p.m., allowing a prompt start for the follow-on matches, which will finish by 10.00 p.m., when the floodlights will automatically switch off. If a match does not finish within the allotted time, it may be completed at a later date, but only if both pairs agree and the same players are used to complete the match.

6. In the first half of the season, the lower number pair and in the second half, the higher number pair should provide good quality match balls.

7. The referee reserves the right to change these rules, whenever it is deemed necessary.

Andrew Leigh
Winter League referee

M: 07837 221031

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