LADIES P&D Teams - update 7th March 2019

Dear All,

Many thanks all of you who have emailed me to confirm (or clarify) your availability.

As always, there are a number of you who have made no contact at all, but for now I am assuming that you are wishing to play.

I believe we will only be entering one team in the mixed league this year as there were many problems getting teams out last year.

Although I think it may be a struggle to get 3 full teams out every week, I think it is worth entering 3 teams in the P&D again this year - please see attached email of potential players.

Annie and Nicola have agreed to captain the B & C teams - thanks very much you two.

To date, nobody has offered to captain the A team, in fact very few on the A team list have bothered to contact me. Although I am happy to do the initial fixture list / availability / team lists once the fixture list has been produced, I am definitely not going to organise the team on a week by week basis. So someone's going to need to step up (or 2 or more could arrange to share the task), otherwise once the team has failed to fulfil 2 fixtures we'll be out of the league. Please, somebody, get in touch.

For those of you new to team tennis: what happens now is that the teams will be entered, the league AGM will take place and then the fixture list will be produced. this usually happens soon after mid April, for matches to start early May.

So as soon as I have the fixtures I will be asking you for your availability for the whole of the 10 match season. Teams will then be put together depending on who's available and confirmations sent back to you.

If you're late returning your availability, you may find you don't get many matches.

Final plea - if you haven't contacted me yet about P&D please could you do so asap.



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