Doubles Boxes

There are two weeks left before the current round of Box Match's finish and it looks as though there are a lot of games still to be played! 

Great if you already have them organised. 

The current Doubles Boxes have already been extended twice to give an extra 4 weeks of playing time.

It is problematic if matches aren't played as it's unfair on the other teams in the box and also makes the organisation very difficult.  

In the next round (beginning February) any team playing only 2 matches or less will automatically be withdrawn from the following league and will then be welcome to re-join at a later date if they are better able to complete their matches.

If there's a particular reason for not playing your matches, such as injury, covid etc. please let me know so an exception can be made.

Sorry if this seems like a somewhat extreme measure but there have been a lot of complaints from players who have repeatedly been unable to play all their matches so I hope it makes sense to everyone.

Happy New Year and happy tennis.


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