"Get Back to Group Tennis"

Dear Players,

We’re OPEN OUTDOORS and ready to get you back on court especially as there is NO Wimbledon to watch so there’s…….NO excuse not to get your racket out and enjoy a lively group session with Liam ??

Our programme is a one-off condensed summer course to take you through to September and hopefully by then our indoor courts will have reopened. Should you still have flexible credits then these will be reinstated for the autumn term 90-minute sessions.

To Book On to the Summer Course, please click on the link below


**Just to reassure you we have put in place C-19 precautions as follows**:

All coaching will be on 4 x outdoor courts separated into two blocks of two courts (All indoor sports facilities remain closed due to the Government guidelines)
Social distancing maintained as we are only allowing 4 x players per court - so players will be well over two metres
The lead coach will give a safety talk at the start of the session to include not touching face and anti-virus hand gel is available at the end of the session to wipe their hands and racket grips
Currently the clubhouse remains shut with no access; so, there is no risk of contamination through touching surfaces (However, should the club open safety procedures have already been put in place in preparation for the Government go ahead
Access to the outdoor courts is via the first wooden park gate when entering the carpark and then follow the path in front of the football club and enter through the tennis club gate onto the patio

Thanks Paul

P Butcher
Tennis Director

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