CLUB CHAMPS reminder #1 :-)

Dear Members,

True to my word I’ve started my reminders re early entry into this year’s new look Club Championships.

“WHO’s in and WHO’s not”
• A big thank you to Steve Maller for being the first competitor to enter within minutes of my email going out last week??
• After one week we have 12-competitors entered an even split 6-male and 6-female
• Some exciting new partnerships in Harry Hargreaves & Beth Groves - Jon Doel & Amy Greenaway – Jon Doel & James Glanville
• Plus, the tried and tested team of Jennie Richardson & Gill Woodyear

Very early signs are that the entry is already heating up but please don’t let this put you off as this is an inclusive competition and I hope all members will embrace this opportunity to play and have fun……after all its only Ivybridge not Wimbledon??

Thank you

P Butcher
SDTC Tennis Director
LTA Level 5 Master Performance Coach
M: 07743166581

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