A message from your Chairman

Dear Members,

I hope you’re planning to play lots of tennis with us throughout 2020 and for those of you that have attended our Members Special Club Sessions run by Paul this week I hope you’ve enjoyed the experience even if you didn’t quite win the Managers (Sue’s) homemade Cake.

I’m delighted to announce that from reinstating our Hit & Hopers Open evening on Fridays back in May we are now seeing attendance numbers growing rapidly and therefore we need to adapt and improve the experience for all players.

Please would you be good enough to read the attached leaflet designed to fully clarify the Friday Night hybrid doubles/coaching session and at the same time can I ask you to become a tennis ambassadors on behalf of the club and really embrace the visitors experience, just like the members did when I joined……don’t forget to introduce/bring any friends for a free session.

Your club needs you!

Many thanks

Andy Copestick
(SDTC Chairman)

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