Dear Ladies, I have agreed to act as Ladies Captain for this summer - a role which I see as primarily administrative. I will be going to the league agm on 23rd March, which is when the number of teams to be entered will be finalised. For those who have not played before and would like to play: for each team there are 10 matches: 5 home, 5 away A&B home matches Mon, C&D Fri. Matches start in May and finish in July. Matches start 6 pm, consist of 2 best of 3 set doubles matches for each of 2 doubles pairs, with tiebreak 3rd set if needed. Matches are played outdoors. CAPTAINS: If you are prepared to captain a team, please contact me by return: I WILL ONLY BE ENTERING TEAMS FOR WHICH CAPTAINS ARE IN PLACE - NO CAPTAIN, NO TEAM ENTRY. If you would like to play in a team, please let me know asap with info on a) which team A, B, C, D. b)level of interest: Committed - play most weeks. Less committed - play at least 50%. Occasional - fill in 2 or 3 times in season. I hope to have a flurry of replies - leaving selection problems rather than teams trying to find players! PLEASE REPLY TO sarahowenat26@gmail.com. Thanks, Sarah

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