Ladies Teams for P&D league

Dear All, Further to my previous email, here is an update: For 2016, as it stands at the moment, there will be 3 teams. (Last year's A team are involved in exams, so can't commit to playing) The 2015 B team becomes the 2016 A Team and will play in Division 1 The 2015 C team becomes the 2016 B team and will also play in Division 1 The 2015 D team becomes the 2016 C team and will play in Division 2. Team Captains: A - Verity Holdsworth: B - Annie Haigh: C - Nicola White. There have been no other volunteers to Captain teams and hence there is no D team. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CAPTAIN OR PLAY IN A D TEAM, YOU NEED TO SPEAK NOW! The league AGM is on Tuesday. 18 players have indicated that they would like to play for the B or C teams. Sarah Owen

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